Group Sessions

6-Weeks to Real Change in Your Body

with Practice Simple Wellness

Eliminate Pain & Stiffness So You Can Move Easily Again

Restore the Slide & Glide of Your Connective Tissue

Choose Your 6-Week Challenge

The best way to experience the benefits of connective tissue work is to practice consistently over a few weeks.

Group Private Sessions allow you to do just that.

We offer 3 Challenges currently:

👉 Free Your Neck & Shoulders

👉 Happy Hips & Low Back

Each session includes:

  • 6 One Hour Sessions

  • Bonus Access to Free Your Feet Zooms During the Session

    • 45 minute class Tuesdays at 5pm.

  • 10% Off MELT Supplies (Optional)

  • Support emails and/or texts to keep you on track.

  • Text support from Joyce


$129 $97 Introductory Offer

Our Next Sessions Are Starting Soon!!

Upcoming Sessions:

  • .Free Your Neck & Shoulders, Bartonville Studio. Thursdays, June 20th - August 1st (no class July 4th). 5-6pm. (Available online as well - text Joyce at 309-220-8733 to confirm online access).

  • Happy Hips & Low Back, Bartonville Studio. Thursdays, August 8th - September 5th. 5-6pm. (Available online as well - text Joyce at 309-220-8733 to confirm online access)

We recommend that you take the MELT Your Hands & Feet Workshop Prior to Starting the Group Session

The Hands & Feet Workshop teaches you 3 simple techniques you can use anytime to promote fluid flow in the body, improve balance, and relieve pain/stiffness from day-to-day activities.

You will be asked to practice these techniques during the challenge and will have FREE access to our weekly 20 minute sessions on Mondays at 12pm CST so you can develop your hand & foot treatments even more.

We are offering an On Demand Version of the Workshop as an add on here for those who have not taken it. We will mail you the large soft ball and laminated guide upon completion of your order OR you can pick up locally to save on shipping.